I am a conglomerate of things. But most know me as a writer of highly contemplative literature as my mind-expanding mullings usually wind up in a book or on a blog.

I’ve decided to bring blogging to a close. However, this website will remain so that you may sink your teeth into the delectables. Then visit http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Thecoleyco to set your eyes on the sumptuous feast. My books will inspire you and leave you hopeful about the conditions of your life and of the world.

For business inquiries, direct message me at Instagram or Twitter account @thecoleyco or email me directly at thecoleycoley@gmail.com

Now for a “Mommy Moment”

Justice Reign

There are no words that fittingly tell-all. Justice’s quality of character, handiwork and literary masterstrokes are simply ineffable. She literally reigns in love! I am not exaggerating. Click her name, Justice Reign, to see for yourself!