A Vision of Loveliness


Hey Pretty Girl,


Exactly 20 years ago today, I gave birth to a vision of loveliness.

You are truly rare, exquisite and beautiful. You are a living masterpiece, a breathing work of art.

Your free-thinking mind is extraordinary. Your love runs deep. Your sense of humor is quick-witted and amusing. Your wisdom is stellar. Your creativity is extravagant. Your style is elegant. Your determination is unrelenting. Your stick-to-itiveness is astounding. Your character is splendid. Your smile is brilliant. Your laughter is jubilant. Your face is dreamy. Your energy is enchanting. 

I am overjoyed that you are my daughter, my friend, my road kitten, my ride or die, the other pea in the pod, the other frozen popsicle on the double stick, my fraternal twin… (Laughing). We are forever the Dynamic Duo!!

On this day, you officially graduate from teen-hood. But, it was your first nineteen years, with all the ups, downs, turnabouts and moving arounds, that taught you what no amount of schooling could. It also gave you strengths undreamed of.

“There is no tomorrow!” (Smile) Your time is now and it is fantastic!

You are ready. The world is waiting. 

Release the Kraken! Better yet, Release the Magic! 


Continue to Live Magically,



The Best Part of Me


The best part of me made known a love ballad unsung. It opened deep reservoirs and carried me to an abysm where air was inessential to my lungs.

The best part of me stretched me from the core to escape my warm embrace. It left behind a closed door to enter the earthen race.

Complex personalities both good and bad mirrored my invisibilities, traits that I never knew I had.

The best part of me engrafts total acceptance, and forgiveness. It, too, delivers aliveness and openness.

And here I am thinking that I gave life and incessantly give my everything. But in reality, the best part of me gave me life and brings to me life’s truest meaning.

Dedicated to my crumb snatchers, Nicholas Reay and Justice Reign.

Live Magically,


Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing


Everyone has an interpretation of the twin flame, soulmate, and the yin-yang phenomenon. Some say that everyone has soulmates but a select few have a twin flame.

Why would a just God discriminate? 

I believe that every living being has a twin flame, a distinguished soul who was exclusively tailor-made for him or her.

The Universe is exacting, extraordinarily generous and seems to favor the numeral two which, incidentally, symbolizes unity and peace.

Over and over again, we fall in love and in lust while mistaking one another for our divinely ordained counterpart. Then, before long, we are waist deep in muddy waters. But grace is planted nearby on the bank of the swamp. Her branches are outstretched and strong, never withering or tiring. 

If you have not encountered your mirrored image, it is okay because your reflection is somewhere looking for you too.  And when you finally see your other self, with closed eyes and an opened heart, it will be an otherworldly chance meeting that’ll last forever.

Twin flames are heaven’s way of saying, “Thank you.” Age is of no consequence. This gift will make its presence known. 

Hold out for love. Hang on for peace. 

Live Magically,


The Perfect Gift

I’m such a lucky girl to have had three unbelievably incredible dads to enter my life.

Daddy, my birth father, was the first. His gift to me was brightening my everyday with a riddle. His humor and boisterous laughter was my sunshine. Daddy was the first to go.

Granddaddy, my maternal grandfather, was the second to join the posse. His gift to me was always being there. His quiet love and support spoke volumes. His presence was my angel in disquise. Granddaddy was the second to go.

Pop was the third and last to enter my life. His gift to me was listening with care and attentiveness and responding with amazing analysis and forethought. His mind was my saving grace. He is presently at the “end of life” stage. Pop will be the last to go. [Update: Pop turned 88 on Nov 11 and passed away on Dec 3, 2018]

True gifts aren’t monetary, they are the intangibles, immortal even. Supreme gifts are impactful and incite change. And oftentimes, the gifter isn’t even aware of the power and outpouring of love that escapes him.

So, the next time you want to bestow the perfect gift, just be yourself!

Live Magically,


The Magic of Love


Love has been defined by countless people. Authors of the Good Book, writers of the dictionary, clergymen, teachers, gurus, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, psychologists, you name it, have all nailed the meaning. The definitions of love are as innumerable as the grains of sand.

So, who’s right and who’s wrong? 

Is love a feeling sensation, an action, or both? Does love verbalize specific things? Does love behave in a certain manner?

In love, there is no right or wrong. In love, there is no this way or that way. Love cannot be put into a box. Love is free to be whatever a person deems it to be. It bends, molds and shapes according to each individual’s belief. That is the magic of love.

And so, judging others according to your lovely point of view is a waste of time.

Alternatively, wrap your arms around love in its entirety. Be free from condemning folk because their notion of love is dissimilar to yours. Make certain that your actions are in sync with your beliefs. Let love flow. And lastly, remember that “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing.”

Live Magically,




Being awfully sensitive and easily offended appears to be the dominant mental state of our society.

Why? Because humans want their feelings catered to and their egos caressed. They crave control over other people’s behavior.

Here’s something to chew on: 

Knowing what offends you is not my life’s purpose, nor do I have time to figure the shit out. It is painstaking just to keep my own feelings in check.

My shoulders were built to handle my load alone. All things considered, it is unfair to besiege that I carry your baggage, tip toe around your emotions and live up to your expectations. I have my own.

Every offense taken rests upon your shoulders and it is your burden to bear. 

So, the next time you are offended, quickly come to grips that it is your emotions and expectations that are out of line. 

Live Magically,