Do You Ever…


Sit outside just to listen to the sounds of nature?

Take a stroll and have a person-to-person conversation?

Notice a budding tree right before her bloom?

Dance in the rain?

Bask in the sunlight?

Stretch out your arms to embrace the wind?

Number things to be thankful for?

Find the positives when the negatives seemingly overpower?

Look up?

Laugh at little things?

Cry just because?

I was just wondering.

Live Magically,




It seems as though the earth upon which I stand is quicksand. Slowly sinking but never fully submerging is a heartless ruse. 

 I am forced to lay back when I’m accustomed to being strong, fighting, going against the grain and all. But because of the cement-like sediment, I cannot battle and quickly maneuver or else I seal my fate with my demise.

So, what do I do? 

The hour is late. The tide is soon to roll in. There is no “sink or swim” and “fly or die” doesn’t apply.

The only thing that I am able to do is close my eyes, lean back, breathe and wait for salvation.

Sometimes, I wonder if all of this is worth it? My answer is yes!

Life certainly teaches. But is the drama necessary? A simple notecard mysteriously placed on my pillow will do.

I suppose experiencing a particular thing is best. Beyond everything, I can only strengthen atrophied muscles by actually working them. But I never anticipated that relaxing and mentally letting go would be an area that needed exercise.

But I accept the invitation. Actually, I have no choice.

Live Magically,


Perfect Confessions


Perfection has absolutely nothing to do with physical attributes, other than the fact that whatever you’re born with is downright flawless.

Thus, striving for perfection, in the physical sense, is an unnecessary burden. It leads to stress and dumbass decisions like butchering your body via plastic surgery for the sole purpose of cosmetic vanity.

Incidentally, no amount of surgery will keep you looking young and pretty. If truth be told, altering your bone structure and getting injections to obtain the perfect look actually ages you tremendously. You cannot one-up Father Time. However, there’s something exquisitely beautiful, dazzling and elegant about a man or woman who accepts and adores his or her body; and ages gracefully without going under the knife.

“Your face is marked with lines of life, put there by love and laughter, suffering and tears. It’s beautiful.” ~Lynsay Sands

“Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” ~Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

So, tell me, what makes you perfect? 

Do you subscribe to someone else’s meaning or do you have your own? Does your meaning give you anxiety? Does it cause stress or depression? If so, then simply change your connotation of the word. You do not have to abide by anyone else’s definition!

Here’s my take. 

My notion of perfection has an air of lightness and loveliness. For me, perfection and love are cut from the same cloth. And like love, perfection is a verb. It is a doing with a particular quality.

Perfection is:

Loving myself entirely

A deep embrace

Playfulness and laughter

Being there


Knowing when to say, “no” 

Knowing when to let go

Living my truth no matter who’s watching

Performing at my very best

So, unburden yourself with society’s standard of perfection and devise your own. You’ll enjoy life a whole lot better!

Live Magically,


Down the Rabbit Hole

Today, I feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude for my teachers. 

Since a little girl, I had a distinct inner knowingness that there is so much more to life than meets the eye.

I was right!

Unawarely, I’ve been on a journey of enlightenment despite my dark paths.

“When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.” ~ Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni.

Though I’ve not met my teachers in the flesh, their essays, poetry, reflections, biographies, autobiographies, introspections, lectures, audio recordings, videos, movies, and etc., compel my consciousness to contemplate, to expand and to soar. 

Keep in mind that religion is a construct of man’s mind. I have no problem with anyone’s beliefs. I happen to think that religion, like occults, keeps one stifled on every front.

Open-mindedness + Open-heartedness = Freedom

Truth is subjective. One must personally experience a particular thing for it to resound true. Otherwise, the information is just hearsay.

Now, without further ado and in no particular order, below is a list of my champion guides. I invite you to explore the names. I eagerly anticipate your divine unfolding.

By the way, this list is in no way exhaustive, but a raindrop in this vast ocean.



Entity Abraham (via Ester Hicks)


Neville Goddard

Alan Watts

Lao Tzu

Entity Ra (Law of One)




Mansa Musa


St. Germaine

Godfre (Guy Ballard)

Entity Ramtha (via J.Z. Knight)

St. Joseph

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?

Live Magically,


Live Magically



Many people do not satisfy their longings to do x, y and z. Fear stops them at every turn. Fear robs them of pure enjoyment and bliss. The horror of disapproval and harsh judgement halt any form of expression and evolvement.

Thoughts of others have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. It’s true. The only mind that matters is yours.

How can you expand your soul by being afraid? How are you to evolve by doing the same activities day in and day out?

I am not a fine art extraordinaire. In fact, I can barely draw. But I painted and the finished product is a very, very long way from that which is considered artistic. However, the sheer pleasure of dabbling in the unknown far outweighs what people think about my trees and things. Besides, if I’d listen to the likes of others, then I would be just another person walking aimlessly in a crowd.

So, I encourage you to heed your pining. Do something fresh and exciting. Learn to play a new instrument. Take a dance class. Do yoga. Adopt a pet. Learn a different language. Write poetry. Compose song lyrics. Draw. Color. Paint. Or don’t take lessons at all. Do it your way. Allow what’s on the inside to come forth. Awaken your magnificence.

Don’t you think you’re worth it?

Anyway, your soul (and body) will adore you for it!

Live Magically, 



Maestro Please


Life has a way of dealing me the most absurd hands. And because of it, I’ve boisterously uttered, “Fuck this life. Fuck you. I’m done trying.” I know that I am not the only person who experiences feelings of frustration, anger, pity and apathy. But, come on! 

Even still, when I settle and take into account all that has been apportioned me, I long realize that I have been dealt the royal flush all along and that it carries on and triumphs for untold lifetimes. 

Miserably, most of us wear multiple hats and are too busy to consider that our Being supersedes our experiencing. For it is the quality of our deepest thoughts and feelings that dictates what happens in life.

Getting lost is common and effortless. We stick to a humdrum routine. We are everything to everybody and we forget about Self.

When exhaustion and fed up-ness takes effect, how do we respond? By the way, cursing at the Universe, like me, does not solve anything. Admittedly, it just deals more sloppy hands.

Back to the point. Unlike losing yourself, finding yourself is no easy feat. There is no yellow brick road. There is no trail of breadcrumbs. There is no treasure map.

There is, however, a music box that enfolds an enchanted maestro. The melodies are captivating. The harmonies enrapture. Close your eyes. Relax. Deeply inhale. Listen to the symphony. Follow the maestro as he conducts the affairs of your life. 

Set aside meditative moments throughout each day because the maestro only appears to those who seek in silence.

Funnily enough, you don’t have to look far and long because the maestro is actually you. 

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” ~Lao Tzu

Live Magically,