In a Nutshell


Keep finding things

to love about



Live Magically,


Do You Ever…


Sit outside just to listen to the sounds of nature?

Take a stroll and have a person-to-person conversation?

Notice a budding tree right before her bloom?

Dance in the rain?

Bask in the sunlight?

Stretch out your arms to embrace the wind?

Number things to be thankful for?

Find the positives when the negatives seemingly overpower?

Look up?

Laugh at little things?

Cry just because?

I was just wondering.

Live Magically,


Riddle Me This


If we are born of God, Source, Universe, Consciousness or whatever esteemed name you fancy, then we must be an exact replica of the Original enveloping all of what that One Entity constitutes, right?

Do you have any idea the qualities that shape God? Qualities that you’ve actually encountered firsthand and not what you’ve read or heard?

For me, the One Entity, who existed before time and space, is exquisitely beautiful, marvelously magical, profoundly loving, perfectly healthy, perpetually giving, extraordinarily happy, otherworldly creative, inconceivably intelligent, mind-blowingly strong, uncommonly wealthy, remarkably valiant, supremely spontaneous, awesomely adventurous, and wondrously safe and secure. Consequently, I must be all of these things too. After all, we are equal.

And, as I sit and contemplate my complete being—spirit, soul and body, I place extra attention on my spirit which only exists as perfection. The more I acknowledge my spirit, the more access I give it to heal my body, to perform miracles, to be happy, to live magically and to be all of those qualities I deem of God.

So, when will you spend time honoring and celebrating your spirit? It is patiently and lovingly waiting for your “hello.”

Live Magically,


The Best Part of Me


The best part of me made known a love ballad unsung. It opened deep reservoirs and carried me to an abysm where air was inessential to my lungs.

The best part of me stretched me from the core to escape my warm embrace. It left behind a closed door to enter the earthen race.

Complex personalities both good and bad mirrored my invisibilities, traits that I never knew I had.

The best part of me engrafts total acceptance, and forgiveness. It, too, delivers aliveness and openness.

And here I am thinking that I gave life and incessantly give my everything. But in reality, the best part of me gave me life and brings to me life’s truest meaning.

Dedicated to my crumb snatchers, Nicholas Reay and Justice Reign.

Live Magically,


Thank Yous are My Favorite Things


Is it a wonder that some toddlers, who readily bequeathed a, “Thank you,” grow up feeling entitled? Today, far too many adolescents and young adults are disgracefully ungrateful.

Typically, young children are taught to say, “Thank you” when handed an object. This early childhood education is supposed to teach good manners and instill tremendous gratitude.

Memorizing robotic gestures and undergoing positive reinforcement may prove to do more harm than good. In fact, these prehistoric practices seem to be more fitting for a furry pet.

Gratitude is a feeling. It cannot be taught. But it can be felt and its effects can be seen.

You see, a man whose heart is abundant with thankfulness lavishly acts with kindness, humility and grace. A profound appreciation drives his deeds. When he says. “Thank you,” it deeply penetrates and his voice echoes throughout eternity. And because of the authenticity of his gratitude, he wants for nothing.

“Simon Says” is only a game, not the rule. Let your children feel your gratitude. It will resonate. It will ink an impression that cannot be erased.

Live Magically,