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Thank Yous are My Favorite Things


Is it a wonder that some toddlers, who readily bequeathed a, “Thank you,” grow up feeling entitled? Today, far too many adolescents and young adults are disgracefully ungrateful.

Typically, young children are taught to say, “Thank you” when handed an object. This early childhood education is supposed to teach good manners and instill tremendous gratitude.

Memorizing robotic gestures and undergoing positive reinforcement may prove to do more harm than good. In fact, these prehistoric practices seem to be more fitting for a furry pet.

Gratitude is a feeling. It cannot be taught. But it can be felt and its effects can be seen.

You see, a man whose heart is abundant with thankfulness lavishly acts with kindness, humility and grace. A profound appreciation drives his deeds. When he says. “Thank you,” it deeply penetrates and his voice echoes throughout eternity. And because of the authenticity of his gratitude, he wants for nothing.

“Simon Says” is only a game, not the rule. Let your children feel your gratitude. It will resonate. It will ink an impression that cannot be erased.

Live Magically,