A Vision of Loveliness


Hey Pretty Girl,


Exactly 20 years ago today, I gave birth to a vision of loveliness.

You are truly rare, exquisite and beautiful. You are a living masterpiece, a breathing work of art.

Your free-thinking mind is extraordinary. Your love runs deep. Your sense of humor is quick-witted and amusing. Your wisdom is stellar. Your creativity is extravagant. Your style is elegant. Your determination is unrelenting. Your stick-to-itiveness is astounding. Your character is splendid. Your smile is brilliant. Your laughter is jubilant. Your face is dreamy. Your energy is enchanting. 

I am overjoyed that you are my daughter, my friend, my road kitten, my ride or die, the other pea in the pod, the other frozen popsicle on the double stick, my fraternal twin… (Laughing). We are forever the Dynamic Duo!!

On this day, you officially graduate from teen-hood. But, it was your first nineteen years, with all the ups, downs, turnabouts and moving arounds, that taught you what no amount of schooling could. It also gave you strengths undreamed of.

“There is no tomorrow!” (Smile) Your time is now and it is fantastic!

You are ready. The world is waiting. 

Release the Kraken! Better yet, Release the Magic! 


Continue to Live Magically,



To Thine Ownself Be True


The title of this blog is a quote written by Willam Shakespeare in Hamlet. Lord Polonius, in part, says, “This above all: to thine ownself be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

The quote is a profound proverb which behaves like a prick sprouting from the stem of a rose. It got my attention. Ouch!

I  thought that I knew myself pretty well and unabashedly lived my truth. Well, I uncovered that I wasn’t one-hundred percent doing so. 

So, I purposely set time aside to figure out some things. And lo and behold, I found eureka—a particular moment in my childhood when I believed ________________.

That belief is my unadulterated truth, at least one of them anyway.

(Just now as I typed the word “unadulterated,” I noticed the word “adult” embedded. Adulterate means to dilute, debase, make impure. My guess is that by the time we reach adulthood, we’ve basically annihilated our young pure, creative, genius, free-thinking mind, not to mention adults obliterating children’s imaginations.)

Just let that sit for a moment.

In case you are wondering, the blank line above is deliberate and twofold:

  1. I am not divulging my deeply rooted belief and neither should you. 
  2. Fill in the blank with one of your childhood beliefs.

Conclusion: I will never know the depth, width and height of my majesty. I am a rose that’ll never reach full bloom because the unfolding of my exquisite, silky, perfumed petals is forever replenished and flowering. I suppose I could’ve used an onion peel analogy but that ain’t cute.

In the end, or beginning, whatever truth you presently hold about yourself, live it. Then uncover another, and then another. 

By the way, do you think that experiencing real happiness has anything to do with living your truth?

Live Magically,


The Best Part of Me


The best part of me made known a love ballad unsung. It opened deep reservoirs and carried me to an abysm where air was inessential to my lungs.

The best part of me stretched me from the core to escape my warm embrace. It left behind a closed door to enter the earthen race.

Complex personalities both good and bad mirrored my invisibilities, traits that I never knew I had.

The best part of me engrafts total acceptance, and forgiveness. It, too, delivers aliveness and openness.

And here I am thinking that I gave life and incessantly give my everything. But in reality, the best part of me gave me life and brings to me life’s truest meaning.

Dedicated to my crumb snatchers, Nicholas Reay and Justice Reign.

Live Magically,


The Playwright


I think that the core of humanity is benevolent and optimistic. These character traits can sometimes fog good judgement and coerce us to linger in a situation and indulge certain individuals for far too long.

How many times have we remained in a place or space secretly longing for change? We pray. We hope. We endure. We cry. We sacrifice. We neglect our true nature, our pockets, our feelings, our bodies and our time.

We’re acutely determined to usher in a more pleasing experience—genuine love, peace, respect, wholeness, happiness and simply to be a priority.

Wake up! Waiting is the act of being focused on a future that does not exist. Holding on to fancies is a cunning trick and an injustice.

How many years have gone by and we’re still at the same juncture? Besides our age, what has changed?

When will we start being kind to ourselves and making ourselves a priority?

No more wishing on a star. 

The way that I see it, I am the one to now rewrite the script, appoint the cast and direct the play titled, “The Life of Coley.” In this way, I am guaranteed my outcome.

Are you gutsy enough to do the same?

Live Magically,


Thank Yous are My Favorite Things


Is it a wonder that some toddlers, who readily bequeathed a, “Thank you,” grow up feeling entitled? Today, far too many adolescents and young adults are disgracefully ungrateful.

Typically, young children are taught to say, “Thank you” when handed an object. This early childhood education is supposed to teach good manners and instill tremendous gratitude.

Memorizing robotic gestures and undergoing positive reinforcement may prove to do more harm than good. In fact, these prehistoric practices seem to be more fitting for a furry pet.

Gratitude is a feeling. It cannot be taught. But it can be felt and its effects can be seen.

You see, a man whose heart is abundant with thankfulness lavishly acts with kindness, humility and grace. A profound appreciation drives his deeds. When he says. “Thank you,” it deeply penetrates and his voice echoes throughout eternity. And because of the authenticity of his gratitude, he wants for nothing.

“Simon Says” is only a game, not the rule. Let your children feel your gratitude. It will resonate. It will ink an impression that cannot be erased.

Live Magically,